Arnold Arboretum Engagement

Fall is a stunning time of year from everything from weddings to family portraits! Kim and Eric jumped at the opportunity for end of summer engagement photos and they came out perfect. The Arnold Arboretum was the perfect location for these two, and we lucked out with a stunning day in September. 

Kim and Eric met through mutual friends in college. Kim was attending Boston University getting an Elementary Education degree, while Eric was at Northeastern University working toward a Mechanical Engineering degree. Since then, they’ve happily spent most of their days laughing through life together. They both easily find humor in everyday situations.

A dreamy love story since day one

Their proposal story is simple and so sweet! It was almost Christmas and Kim and Eric were exchanging presents in their apartment. Eric managed to keep his plan a secret and took Kim completely off guard! After exchanging the gifts, he popped the question and she was so surprised. They celebrated by going out to dinner and celebrating with their families. 

These two are such a great pair. Eric loves the joy that Kim exudes. No one can help but be happy when around her! They love just being together even when just at home doing nothing. They can always find something to talk about whether it’s silly or super serious! Kim and Eric are really the perfect match.

They cannot wait for their wedding day to come this October at the Park Avenue Club. Kim is a girl after my own heart, she cannot wait for the pasta cheese wheel during cocktail hour! Eric is most excited about having both their families together dancing, and having a great time. 

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