ABOUT rosemary

Photography is a way to tell a story when words just don’t do it justice. I believe the best way to get to know each other is to find out what we have in common.

My family is big and loud and full of love and laughter. Thankfully, my husband’s is the same and our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews are our whole world. My friends are right up there too! Some of my best friends have been in my life since I was in pigtails and footie pajamas and at this point, they ARE my family.

I grew up looking at a shelf full of family photo albums filled with all of life’s little adventures and I’m here to help you make sure your kids get to do the same.

then you are in the right place.

As for the story of how I got into photography, feel free to head over to my blog. If you do, I must warn you that I love to talk so you might want to have a nice big cup of coffee handy.

Most importantly, don’t forget to send me a message, I can’t wait to hear what we have in common! 

Your people truly matter to me and I promise I will treat them like my closest friends. I’ve been known to bustle dresses and tie bow ties on wedding days. I’ll calm your sister’s nerves before her maid of honor speech (most likely with a laugh at my own expense). At family sessions, you just might find me sitting on the floor learning the names of your little one’s favorite stuffed animals or waiting out a diaper change by reading a book to the new big brother. 

If family is everything to you,

Our house feels like so much more of a home since adopting our two rescue pups, Dexter and Monkey. We aren’t sure what kind of dogs they are but they are definitely part poodle, maybe part havanese, and they believe they’re part human.


Our Doodles

Cape Cod has always been my happy place and I legit cried when we left Maui, so you can be sure I’ll never turn down a beach towel or seaside stroll. Hint hint: I love a beach wedding!!

Beach Days


 Rumor has it I’m also sort of a bookworm. I was the little kid reading under the covers with a flashlight. That hasn’t changed much and I’m always looking for suggestions. What have you read lately?

All the Books


I grew up doing ballet but now yoga and running are my favorite ways to stay in shape. No, I can’t do a handstand, but I have run a few marathons. Want to do one too? Eugene, Oregon was my fave!

Yoga & Running


Breakfast, lunch, or dinner… post beach day or apres ski… there’s never a wrong time for a frozen treat as far as I’m concerned. I love chocolate peanut butter from our seasonal spot, but really I’m willing to try (almost) any flavor. Just no cantaloupe please!

Ice Cream


My hubby is an accountant and we have opposite busy seasons, so we’re pretty serious about our date nights, even if it’s just a burger and a (gluten-free) beer at our favorite pub.

Date Nights


My Must Haves

While I won’t even pretend to know the proper way swirl a glass of wine, I’m really trying to learn more about it. On our last trip to Napa I discovered why I only like certain Sauvignon Blancs and that my husband likes “fruit forward” wines not “sweet” wines.

Road trips are one of our favorite ways to see new places. We are always up for taking the scenic route … especially when we have some good music to listen to or if our route just happens to go by a great new restaurant.

I still love magazines!  My photography career started in fashion and I’ve subscribed to Vogue since way before I could relate to the articles.  I still subscribe to Vogue... and tear out photos for inspiration... but now I've added Food & Wine and to the mix too.

in my spare time