River House at Rumson Country Club Wedding


Fall is always a magical time of year for weddings.

Erin and Andrew’s elegant black tie wedding at River House at Rumson Country Club was exactly one of those magical fall days. From the vibrant sunset, beautiful setting overlooking the water, and sound of the breeze in the tall grass it was absolutely picture perfect! 

Erin and Andrew are the sweetest couple, and after being together for 12 years it’s no surprise how easily they fit together.  They actually spent the beginning of their lives living on the same street and are just 2 days apart in age.  Since they both grew up in the same area, they knew that’s where they wanted to be married as well.

They both describe each other as their best friend, and that couldn’t be more clear

Seeing as they both love the beach and golf, the Rumson Country Club was the perfect backdrop for their wedding reception.  After officially tying the knot at a cedar shingled church that fits so well with the beach setting, Erin and Andrew were so excited to celebrate the rest of the day with their family and friends!  One look at their huge bridal party, and the smiles on everyone’s faces, tells you just how meaningful this day was to all of their guests.

By the time the sun went down the November breeze was definitely getting chilly day, but Erin and Andrew were absolutely amazing and braved the weather for portraits on the docks!  Just the right amount of clouds in the sky allowed some light to pour through and create super dreamy pictures.

Even the sunset seemed choreographed to add to this stunning celebration

Once inside, The River House at Rumson Country Club was decorated beautifully. The main events took part in a covered patio decorated with whimsical florals and allowing stunning views of the surrounding waters.  There were candles, garlands, and twinkle light lanterns to set warm and welcoming mood.


The night ended with a crowded dance floor and piles of shoes discarded by their tables.  Erin and Andrew had such a beautiful fall wedding but what stood out the most is just how excited everyone was to celebrate this next step in their adventure together.

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