Ramapo Reservation Engagement

Cassidy and Greg had an absolutely perfect spring engagement session at Ramapo Reservation. They knew they wanted their pictures to be somewhere woodsy because they both love the outdoors so much. It fit their personalities perfectly!

From day one, they knew they were meant to be together

Cassidy and Greg met in high school on a mission trip. They spoke to each other every single day leading up to the trip, and once they were there they were inseparable! One of the first nights they were home from the trip they hung out, and the rest is history. Cassidy and Greg love that they basically got to see each other grow up into the people they are today. They spent so much time sharing interests and learning about each other, which has made them the perfect pair! 

Together they love to travel. They’ve been around the world together! Hiking, snowboarding, and Chipotle dates are definitely a close second though. Any chance they can get a night in binge watching what’s new on Netflix and playing board games, they love! 

Their relationship is undoubtedly strong

Cassidy and Greg have been through so much together, from traveling to buying a house together. Their relationship has been through the tests of time! Greg decided to propose to Cassidy on a trip to London and Ireland. Their friends were convinced they would be engaged by the time they were home. But, by day 7 and the trip and no ring yet, Cassidy ruled out the possibility of coming home with a fiance. Not much later, they visited a viewpoint along the western coast of Ireland. After hiking up to the top, Greg proposed!

Cassidy and Greg are ecstatic for their wedding day in the fall. The Paramount Country Club perfectly combines their relaxed personalities and love of nature, with an awesome view of the mountains! They are most excited to spend the rest of their lives together, and also for the food of course!

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