New Jersey Botanical Gardens Engagement

Molly and Jason’s engagement session at the New Jersey Botanical Gardens with their son Timothy was dreamy, romantic and elegant all in one! The end of summer blooms and magical summery golden light was so perfect. Molly, Jason and Timothy are the sweetest family absolutely beaming with love. 

Molly and Jason both live busy lives, but when they have some time to themselves they love spending time together as a family. They love going to movies, going out to dinner, and spending time outside going for walks. Molly and Jason hit it off after meeting up for coffee at a diner. Since that day in 2017, they have been inseparable! 

 There’s no one either of them would rather have by their side

Almost a year after their love story began, it was time for the next chapter to begin when Jason planned to propose. They had planned a trip for a family vacation to Disney World, just Molly, Jason and Timothy. When there, Jason had convinced Molly to put Timothy in a kids camp so they could have a night out to themselves. They went to a rooftop restaurant at one of the resorts, when shortly after they were seated a waiter came out with a special treat from the chef. When the cover was lifted off the dish there was a glass slipper on a plate with flower petals and a fondant banner that read, “Will you marry me?”. Molly looked across the table to see Jason holding a ring box when someone in the restaurant shouted, “Get down on one knee!” which Molly is secretly thankful for. 

Molly loves how thoughtful Jason is and how he never ever fails to make her smile. They balance each other out perfectly, and neither of them can imagine having to do life with someone else. Jason loves how easily they get along. He still gets butterflies when he sees her and can’t imagine growing old with anyone else.

Molly and Jason are so excited for their wedding at Mountain Creek this summer. They cannot wait for the the mountain top views at the ceremony space, but also having a big party to celebrate with all of the people they love. Above all, Molly and Jason cannot wait to tie the knot and live in those first few moments as husband and wife!

Found the perfect venue for you and your honey?

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