Monmouth University Engagement

An empty university campus late summer just minutes from the beach? Talk about a perfect engagement session! I loved this location for Nicole and Nick because it meant so much to them. They both attended Monmouth University and it was where their relationship truly started to blossom. 

They met before college at Nick’s high school Junior Prom which Nicole attended with a mutual friend. Once they were introduced, the rest was history! Together they love to cook, spend time with their dogs, go to Long Beach Island and be with family and friends. 

The perfectly balanced pair

Nicole and Nick are so great together. Where she is helps him think things through, he encourages her to step outside her comfort zone. They know they will always be laughing together and there for each other when they need it most. And of course, Nicole loves that Nick loves her dogs almost as much as she does! 

Knowing that Nicole loves Long Beach Island as much as he does, Nick knew he had to propose there. He planned to walk to the beach with Nicole then later they would go out to dinner to celebrate. After encouraging Nicole to drink the rest of her wine out of a red solo cup as they walked along the beach, (so it wouldn’t be in the pictures of course!) she began to realize something was up. A few moments later he got down on one knee and popped the question. Nicole’s mom and cousin ran down the beach just in time to see it all happen. After a blur of a night, they called all of their family and friends to celebrate!

Nicole and Nick are so excited to say I do on the lake at the Indian Trail Club. They cannot wait to have all of their family and close friends there to celebrate together! With the amount of joy and love these cuties give off, I can’t imagine it being anything short of perfection!

See how Nicole and Nick’s summer wedding on the water all came together!


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