Laurita Winery Engagement

If there’s one thing I love more than the beach, it’s a beautiful fall day! Laurita Winery is gorgeous in the fall and was the perfect location for Kelsey and Alex’s engagement pictures. The golden sunlight and changing leaves were amazing, and getting to know these two was so much fun!

I loved hearing how these two met since their story goes way back. They were actually born in the same hospital and then started swimming together when they were 6, and would eventually be on the same swim team through high school. Kelsey actually still has scar from Alex splitting her tongue open with a kick board when they were 6! Their families went to the same beach club and have been good friends for years. They officially started dating in high school at just 17 years old. 

These two are big beach people! They love taking their golden retriever, Finn, to the beach to swim. Kelsey and Alex have so many fond memories surrounding their beach club with friends and family, they’ve come to cherish the beach dearly. Besides the sand and the salt water, they love to be outdoors and explore new places! They love to watch football, cook together and drink all the wine. 

A surprise trip for the perfect proposal

Alex decided to ask Kelsey to marry him on a surprise trip to Costa Rica. She had just graduated from nursing school and he had been living in San Francisco, so he planned this to celebrate them finally being able to live together! Their first night there, Kelsey and Alex had dinner reservations at the hotel but Alex wanted to first watch the sunset. He went to get them drinks from the bar, and to Kelsey’s surprise when he returned he proposed! The whole staff was even in on it. Kelsey said it was the best trip ever! 

Kelsey knows that no matter what life throws at her, Alex will be by her side. He is exactly who she wants to share everything with. She was Alex’s first love and is the best version of himself when he’s with her. When they’re together it feels like home. They are so excited for their wedding at Windows on the Water at Surfrider, just a few doors down from the beach club where their families met so many years ago! They can’t wait to celebrate starting their new life together with the people they love the most. 

See how this beach loving couple tied the knot on the water!

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