Jones Beach Engagement

Couple hug at golden hour on beach boardwalk

Michelle and Michael had a perfect engagement session with Michael’s daughter at Jones Beach. It was truly a magical evening! I love being at the beach and spending the evening with these three was amazing.

The love Michelle and Michael have for each other and Brianna is so special

Michelle and Michael actually met way back in kindergarten! Their love story didn’t start until years later, but when it did it was perfect. Together they love to watch Disney movies, take adventures and spend plenty of time with Brianna. Along with that, they love spending time outside, especially with friends!

Michelle is a total beach bum and Michael took that into consideration when planning the proposal! They were tailgating at a Luke Bryan concert at Jones Beach. Michael knew exactly what he was doing with the country music and beach being two of Michelle’s favorite things! Michelle’s friends were in on the plan and she had no idea. When her and Michael went to take a picture together he got down on one knee and popped the question. It was perfect! 

Neither of them knew they could fall in love so hard

Michelle loves how much Michael loves her, and how he makes her feel like she truly deserves it. And Michael loves how she does not hold back, and her unconditional love for him and his daughter. They absolutely love being by the water, so Jones Beach was the perfect spot for their engagement session! 

Michelle and Michael cannot wait for their wedding day this June. They are most excited about forgetting about everything and just enjoying the entire day. Sea Cliff Manor will be the perfect venue for the view of the water and incredible sunset! Michelle, Michael and Brianna are going to make the cutest family when Michelle and Michael tie the knot.

Love the beach as much as I do? Let’s plan something together!!

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