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mother carrying 2 year old son walking on beach

Cape Cod has always held a special place in my heart.

The cape is where my favorite childhood memories were made, it’s where Nate and I got married, and it’s where we travel every September and as often as we can throughout the year. It has always made sense to me to grow my business to include sessions and weddings on Cape Cod, so when I had the opportunity to photograph a mommy and me session on my number one favorite beach, you can bet I was thrilled with the idea!

Antonia & Luca on First Encounter Beach

I first met Antonia over Instagram through a mutual friend. She and her family had moved to the cape and I was entirely envious of the fact that they actually live where we vacation. Most of my sessions are planned pretty far out in advance, but this one was on the calendar even earlier than usual… so early, in fact, that I didn’t initially know this would be Luca’s last photo session as an only child!

Motherhood sessions are such a perfect way to celebrate the love and beauty of the relationship between mother and child.

It made it even more amazing that we would be able to create these memories together right before a new chapter in their lives began.

The day of the session brought us a picture perfect beach day. The sun was warm, the water was calm, and we caught the tide at just the right time for toddler exploration. Luca, of course, was beyond adorable and so ready to hang out and collect rocks together. As with all my family sessions, we allowed plenty of time to play and relax so we would be able to really build a story of what beach days are like for the two of them.


Honestly, this session is a perfect example of why I love photographing little ones and their families at the beach. With so much to do, it’s so easy for my clients to completely forget that they are being photographed and really let me be a fly on the wall for an hour of their lives. Their love and joy is so apparent in these photos and I hope they come back to these photographs for years to come. Maybe, some day, Luca will show his baby brother Seppe just what life looked like while they were waiting for him to arrive.

Want to create some beach magic of your own?

Do you have a favorite beach you hope your kids will love forever? Drop me a note and let’s get a date on the calendar… maybe even on Cape Cod!


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