Branch Brook Engagement

Brittany and Jim’s engagement session in Branch Brook was everything springtime dreams are made of. They cherry blossoms were stunning and so romantic! Brittany and Jim are so cute and this location was absolutely perfect for them! 

Timing was everything with these two

Brittany and Jim met when Brittany brought a friend to a date she didn’t really want to go on. Her date also brought a friend who was Jim, but he was in a relationship at the time. At that moment they both felt a spark between each other but the timing wasn’t quite right. Fast forward a few months, they ran into each other while both being single and totally hit it off! Since that moment, it was everything they knew they felt between each other that first night they met. 

Date nights, traveling, camping and everything in between

Brittany and Jim love going on adventures together. Nashville is one of their favorite places they’ve traveled to, but have so many more bucket list places to visit. Trying new wineries and breweries, and exploring new cities is one of their favorite things to do. They also love a good date night, especially at the drive in movie theater. Brittany and Jim love being under the stars so camping is also a must for them! 

They got engaged at a summer hot air balloon festival which totally caught Brittany off guard! Jim arranged everything with the help of each of their moms. From taking videos, to bringing a special bottle of champagne they had it all planned out. Jim had set up Brittany’s mom with a GoPro and thought she was just taking pictures, but after a few Jim got down on one knee and popped the question! 

They celebrated with that special bottle of champagne Brittany’s dad gifted them when they moved into their first house together. After that they took a romantic ride in a hot air balloon as a newly engaged couple! Since then they have been eager to tie the knot.

Brittany and Jim love their family and friends dearly. They are most excited to celebrate with everyone on their wedding day! They truly hope it’s the party of the year.

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